Use of cookies and online identifiers

We use various types of cookies, specifying identifiers and analytics solutions on OP Financial Group’s website and in applications. With your cookie settings, you can influence the purposes for which we can utilise the data we have collected. On this page, we also explain how cookies work, the tools we use, and how your privacy is protected.

Your cookie settings

Note that some cookies are essential for the reliable and secure operation of our websites. In other respects, you can choose the data we may collect and the purposes for which we can use them. For example, we do not utilise the data for targeting and marketing without your consent. Your cookie settings are saved in your browser.

Disabling cookies

Erasing cookie history

You can erase the cookie history from your browser’s settings to remove all previous cookies saved by the browser. Erasing cookie history does not prevent the formation of new cookie data.

Disabling the use of previous targeting data

If you have previously allowed targeting cookies, you new cookie settings will not immediately remove old cookie data. You may see targeted marketing on our partners’ websites for 30 days after you have cancelled your consent.

Disabling third-party web advertising

If you have previously disabled third party cookies, advertisers and advertisement networks will target advertising to you, based on browser-based behavioural data previously collected from OP Financial Group’s pages.

You can prevent web advertising from outside OP that is based on previously disclosed data, either completely or specific to the company.Disable targeted web advertising on the Your Online Choices website

Disabling all cookies

If you wish to disable cookies completely, you can do it by changing your browser settings. For more detailed information, see the instructions of your browser.

If you disable all cookies, we cannot guarantee the functionality of the basic service functions, such as language settings and log-in.

How do cookies work?

Cookies are small text files that are stored in your device’s browser. They show us the type of device with which you are using OP eServices and whether you have visited our websites earlier.

If you use a variety of browsers, they may have their own browser settings. If several persons use the same device and browser, the cookie choices made by a single user will also apply to other users, unless the cookies are deleted from the browser after use.

If you have only allowed necessary cookies, we will ask your consent again after six (6) months. Your other cookie settings will remain in force for 12 months.

If you remove cookies from the browser, we will ask your consent again the next time you visit our website.

What tools are we using and how long is the data retained?

We use both session and persistent cookies. Tools can set several cookies with different retention times. We indicate the maximum cookie retention time for each tool.

Session cookies exist only during a single session, or visit. They are deleted automatically when you close the browser. With session cookies, you can move from one page to another, log into the service and use different types of calculators and on-line forms, for instance.

Persistent cookies remain on your browser or device for a fixed period, also after the session, unless you delete them from the browser settings. We use persistent cookies to improve the user experience. With persistent cookies, the website identifies your device and remembers your settings, such as language choice, when you visit the website again.

Tool list

Necessary cookiesMaximum retention period 
Adobe Analytics

We use Adobe Analytics to analyse error situations, user volumes and traffic on OP’s own websites and mobile applications.

2 years
Operational development cookiesMaximum retention period 
Adobe Analytics

We use Adobe Analytics to analyse user activeness and behaviour on OP’s own websites and mobile applications. We use the data to develop new services and business within OP Financial Group.

2 years
Targeting cookiesMaximum retention period 

We also use Adform’s pixels on some of our websites. They help us analyse and prepare statistics about traffic on the website as well as target advertising.

13 months

Third party marketing cookies

Third party marketing cookies allow us to target OP’s topical marketing to the user through various websites and institutional services. They also give us statistical data on marketing and target groups.

This website uses the marketing cookies of Facebook.

Third parties are responsible for the retention times of marketing cookies in accordance with their own privacy policies.

Your privacy is important to us

The data collected using cookies and different tools are owned by OP Financial Group’s data controllers, and can only be accessed by OP. Our partners act as processors of the data for and on behalf of OP and do not use the data for their own purposes.

We can only disclose data to third parties with a consent obtained through marketing cookies. Third parties are responsible for the use of such data as joint controllers with OP or as independent controllers in accordance with their own privacy policies.

As a responsible company, we are committed to protecting your privacy in compliance with data protection legislation.

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